RFID Secure Crib
Real-time tool visibility with a completely automated self-service kiosk and inventory management tool.

Automatic Tracking

RFID enabled tools and employee badges provide automated self check out.

Inventory Accuracy

Real-time status of tool location, maintenance, and inventory at all times.

Easy to Use

Scanners and touch screen kiosks make inventory and check out fast and easy.

Great Support

Our technical support team was rated as Number #1

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Find out how RFID provides the ability to keep track of tools and inventory items in an efficient and reliable manner with added accountability.

Additional Functional Modules

Maintenance Module

Maintenance Module

Monitors and schedules maintenance of items needing service. Full reporting for service due, outstanding repairs, meter readings, maintenance histories, and much more.
Screenshot Purchasing Module

Purchasing Module

Automates reordering by monitoring inventory levels. Track consumables efficiently and effectively and report on usage history.
Screenshot Rental Module

External Rental Module

Simply scan a tool out and scan it back upon return. The ToolHound 5 Rental Module does the rest, calculating rental charges for the time the item was checked out.
Part Number Screen

Internal Rental Module

Manages internal custom rental rates and inventory transfers to your own specifications. An efficient rental system that automates rental charges with flexible bill by project reporting.

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ToolHound’s RFID tool tracking solution will:


  • "We've looked at several different scanners for RFID tool tracking and the Intermec CN70e is the Cadillac of scanners"
    Jason Syrota, Sarens Canada
  • "Tar and dirt covers the bar code on a tool and it can no longer be read. With ToolHound RFID tool tracking, if the tool is covered with tar, it does not matter."
    Neil West, Snyder Roofing, www.snyderroofing.com